“The Precious Few”, highlighting our region’s threatened species

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I’m thrilled to be taking part in a beautiful group exhibition, “The Precious Few: Threatened Species of Canberra”. The exhibition has just opened at Strathnairn Arts Gallery and will be running until 4 April 2021. It’s curated by Ceilidh Dalton, and I’m one of eight artists who have been busy creating work for the exhibition’s unifying theme: the threatened species list of the Australian Capital Territory.

Australia has the highest mammal extinction rate in the world. The ACT alone has seven species in the critically endangered category, 18 classed as endangered, and 26 classed as vulnerable. This exhibition aims to educate and engage the audience in local conservation using a variety of mediums and styles.

Below are some photos from our installation, and from the opening event on Thursday night. My fellow artists are Zali Odlum, Bonnie Koopmans, Cheryle Hodges, Christine Pearson, Rachael Robb, Joan McKay and Emily Birks.

The entire exhibition can be viewed online through the Strathnairn website, and artworks can be purchased here too.

Main image: “These Seeds” by Emily Birks (2021)

The artists hard at work installing
A quick group pic
Ceilidh and Cheryl determining layout
A view of the ‘insect’ section, at the opening event
The ‘nocturnal’ corner at the opening event
Artists Cheryl Hodges, Joan McKay and Rachael Robb


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