A Huddle of Noisy Miner Fledglings


This is a limited edition copper drypoint (series of 10) of our local noisy miner family’s fledglings this past spring.


A Huddle of Noisy Miner Fledglings (2021)

Noisy miners (Manorina melancephala) are aggressive and territorial honeyeaters native to Australia. Since European colonisation of Australia – and subsequent landscape changes to which miners have adapted well – the species has become so abundant that it poses a major threat to other native birds. Noisy miners are one of the main contributors to the decline in other bird species such as regent honeyeaters and diamond firetails. Removal programs by land managers in past decades have yielded mixed results, so it is still unclear how best to deal with Australia’s noisy miner boom.

Despite the threats they pose to other birds, noisy miners are also incredibly funny and plucky characters. These stocky grey birds live in matriarchal systems and breed in groups, so observing their family dynamics as they forage for nectar is a treat. Our local noisy miner crew caringly raised this trio of youngsters in our backyard. As the weather was particularly wet and cool during spring, the three fledglings spent many hours huddled together on our covered terrace, sharing warmth and patiently waiting for food and sunshine.

This is a limited edition, hand coloured, copper drypoint (series of 10). The print is 10 x 10 cm, on 300 gsm Hahnemühle paper 19.5 x 27 cm, unframed.

The edition number you see here is not necessarily the artwork available.

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