Nature inspired printmaking workshops

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Did you know I teach printmaking?

For the past two years, I have loved being a tutor for environmental art and education centre NatureArt Lab. It is an absolute delight to welcome nature art enthusiasts into the world of printmaking. I specialise in linocut, drypoint and botanical monotype (both with an etching press and a gel plate). I’m also in the process of developing some new workshops in new mediums such as using linocut to emboss and print on porcelain.

My next workshop will be a big three-day course exploring colour techniques with linocut printmaking, taking advantage of the butterfly and moth collection held by NatureArt Lab to inspire our designs. We’ll be creating beautiful prints using jigsaw, chin collĂ©, stamp and hand colouring techniques, all from a single lino print that we’ll carve and modify over again.

Here are some photos of past workshops I’ve led in NatureArt Lab’s sunlit studio at M16 in Griffiths, Canberra. The centre is well stocked with specimens, art supplies and workshop equipment.


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